The World This Week

November 5, 2010

In this issue:

Obama's Postelection Obstacle Course

The Republican gains in Congress mean complications for President Obama's arms control policy, a stalled climate change agenda, possible movement on trade, and likely more support on Afghanistan, says CFR President Richard Haass. Read more

Interview: "Gridlock on U.S. Economic Policy" with Peter Orszag

First Take: "New Congress - How Foreign Policy Shifts" by James Lindsay

Foreign Affairs: "American Profligacy and American Power - The Consequences of Fiscal Irresponsibility" by Roger Altman and Richard Haass

Article: "How America Can Withstand Headwinds" by Robert Rubin (Financial Times)

Analysis Brief: Issue Guide - 2010 Midterm Elections

Backgrounders: 2010 Midterms and Foreign Policy

CFR experts on U.S. Strategy and Politics

President Obama's Asian Agenda

What will Obama focus on during his upcoming Asia trip? CFR experts Evan Feigenbaum, Joshua Kurlantzick, Scott Snyder, Edward Alden, and Sheila Smith discuss the agendas for India, Indonesia, South Korea, G20, and Japan. Read more

Media Conference Call Audio, Transcript: "Obama's Trip to India" with Robert Blackwill

Interview: "India's Nuclear Liability Dilemma" with Ashley Tellis of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Foreign Affairs: "Irresponsible Stakeholders? The Difficulty of Integrating Rising Powers" by Stewart Patrick

Article: "Obama's Next Headache" by Leslie Gelb (The Daily Beast)

Op-ed: "Continental and Maritime in U.S.-India Ties" by Evan Feigenbaum (Business Standard)

CFR experts on Asia

Brazil's Rousseff: Continuity and Tests

The election of Dilma Rousseff as president assures stability on domestic policies that have propelled Brazil in the Lula years, but China and the United States loom as foreign policy challenges, says CFR's Julia Sweig. Read more

Foreign Affairs: "A New Global Player - Brazil's Far-Flung Agenda" by Julia Sweig

Interview: "Brazil's Revolutionary Election" with João Augusto de Castro Neves, Brazilian political analyst

Article: "Brazil Seeking Security" by Stewart Patrick (The National Interest)

Interview: "Hope and Concern about U.S. Business Ties with Latin America" with Paulo Sotero of the Woodrow Wilson Center

CFR experts on Brazil