The World This Week

November 19, 2010

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Improved U.S.-Russia Mood at NATO

The NATO summit in Lisbon today occurs in a climate of warmer U.S.-Russia relations, with Russia seeking ways to cooperate with the alliance on missile defense and Afghanistan, says CFR expert Stephen Sestanovich. Read more

Council Special Report: The Future of NATO by James Goldgeier

Expert Brief: "U.S. Nukes in Europe Unnecessary" by Micah Zenko

Op-ed: "Britain Bows Out of the Security Game" by Max Boot (Wall Street Journal)

Task Force Report: U.S. Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan by Richard Armitage, Samuel Berger, and Daniel Markey

Interview: "NATO's Milestone Lisbon Summit" with Robert Hunter, senior advisor at RAND Corporation

Council Special Report: Toward Deeper Reductions in U.S. and Russian Nuclear Weapons by Micah Zenko

CFR experts on NATO

How Congress Erodes National Security

Congress has been steadily failing in its responsibilities on national security issues, says CFR's Kay King, and its new leadership should reform over-politicized rules and procedures as a first step. Read more

Council Special Report: Congress and National Security by Kay King

Interview: "Obama's Political Obstacle Course" with Richard Haass

Backgrounder: 2010 Midterms and foreign policy

Interview: "New Congress - How Foreign Policy Shifts" with James Lindsay

CFR experts on U.S. Strategy and Politics

Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink

Former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell explores Nigeria's postcolonial history and examines the events and conditions that have carried this troubled giant to the edge in his new book. Read more

Op-ed: "Nigeria - Closer to the Brink" by John Campbell (Rowman & Littlefield)

Foreign Affairs: "The Fertile Continent" by Roger Thurow

Contingency Planning Memorandum: "Electoral Violence in Nigeria" by John Campbell

Task Force Report: More Than Humanitarianism - A Strategic U.S. Approach Toward Africa by Anthony Lake, Christine Todd Whitman, and Princeton Lyman

CFR experts on Nigeria


Assessing Obama's Asia Tour

President Obama's Asia trip was marked by trade-related letdowns, missed opportunities, and fresh reminders that divergences of interests could be hard to finesse, say four CFR experts. Read more

Expert Brief: "Before Exiting Asia, Obama's Subdued Summit" by Sheila Smith

First Take: "Hitting Singles in Seoul" by Stewart Patrick

Contingency Planning Memorandum: "Military Escalation in Korea" by Paul Stares

First Take: "A Moment for UN Security Council Reform" by Stewart Patrick

Blog: "My Complaints About Obama's Homecoming" by Joshua Kurlantzick

CFR experts on Asia