The World This Week

December 10, 2010

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Why the U.S.-Korea Trade Deal Matters

The new U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement has the potential to measurably spur the economy and reassure a top U.S. ally, but President Obama needs to take firmer steps to boost a flagging trade agenda, write CFR's Edward Alden and Scott Snyder. Read more

First Take: "Trilateral Call - China Restrain Pyongyang" by Sheila Smith

Op-ed: "Kimpossible" by Joshua Kurlantzick (The New Republic)

Contingency Planning Memorandum: Military Escalation in Korea by Paul Stares

Foreign Affairs: "What I found In North Korea - Pyongyang's Plutonium Is No Longer the Only Problem" by Siegfried Hecker, nuclear weapons specialist

Op-ed: "The Next Korean War?" by Leslie Gelb (The Daily Beast)

Task Force Report: U.S. Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula by Charles "Jack" Pritchard, John Tilelli Jr., and Scott Snyder

Interactive: Crisis Guide - The Korean Peninsula

CFR experts on the Korean Peninsula

A New Round of Mideast Diplomacy

With the U.S. ending its push for Israeli settlement freeze as a precondition for Israel-Palestinian talks, the Obama administration should now focus on managing expectations as much as conflict resolution, says CFR's Robert Danin. Read more

Op-ed: "The Middle East Is Not Ireland" by Elliott Abrams (National Review)

Interview: "A Way Past Middle East Deadlock" with Sari Nusseibeh, president of Al-Quds University

Op-ed: "Obama's Mideast Bribes Won't Work" by Leslie Gelb (The Daily Beast)

Interactive: Crisis Guide - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

CFR experts on Israel, Palestinian Authority

Solving Kyoto in Cancun

Writing from Cancun, CFR's Michael Levi analyzes the centrality of the Kyoto protocol during the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Read more

Op-ed: "Why Cancun Matters" by Michael Levi (Slate)

Council Report: Energy Innovation: Driving Technology Competition and Cooperation Among the U.S., China, India, and Brazil by Michael Levi, Elizabeth Economy, Shannon O'Neil, and Adam Segal

Interactive: Nuclear Energy Guide

Op-ed: "The Key to Cancun" by Michael Levi (Wall Street Journal)

Interactive: Crisis Guide - Climate Change

CFR experts on Climate Change

UN Security Council Enlargement and U.S. Interests

Kara McDonald and Stewart Patrick offer recommendations for U.S. leadership in United Nations Security Council reform and expansion in this new Council Special Report. Read more

First Take: "A Moment for UN Security Council Reform" by Stewart Patrick

CFR Meeting Audio, Video, Transcript: "Evaluating Progress on the UN Millennium Development Goals" with Samuel Worthington, Charles Cooper, and Robert Orr

Interview: "Crisis of Relevance at the UN" with Stewart Patrick

Interactive: The Global Governance Monitor

CFR experts on the United Nations