The World This Week

December 31, 2010

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Reviving U.S. Power Abroad From Within

Do domestic policy weaknesses matter for U.S. leadership internationally? Seven experts, including CFR President Richard Haass, examine pressing problems at home, from education to infrastructure, and how resolving them can lift the country's global standing. Read more

Foreign Affairs: "American Profligacy and American Power" by Richard Haass and Roger Altman

Geo-Graphics Blog: "Can the U.S. Afford Global Military Supremacy?"

Op-ed: "Let's Un-Surge in Afghanistan" by Richard Haass (Wall Street Journal)

Foreign Affairs: "U.S. Education and Competitiveness" by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Article: "U.S. Losing Ground in Competitive Immigration" by Edward Alden (World Politics Review)

CFR experts on U.S. Strategy and Politics

How WikiLeaks Affects Journalism

As the debate over WikiLeaks continues, the spotlight is on the continued power of traditional news media and the challenges journalists face from online groups that do not share their views on transparency, says media expert C.W. Anderson. Read more

Interview: "The Legal Case against WikiLeaks" with John Bellinger

Op-ed: "America's Facile, Self-Congratulatory Response to WikiLeaks" by Stephen Sestanovich (The New Republic)

Interview: "WikiLeaks and Challenges to Internet Freedom" with Adam Segal

Expert Roundup: "Will Leaks Hobble U.S. Diplomacy?" with Daniel Markey, Max Boot, John Campbell, Robert Danin, Thomas Lippman, and Scott Snyder

Foreign Affairs: "The Political Power of Social Media" by Clay Shirky

CFR experts on Media and Foreign Policy

The Debate Over Airport Security

Weather-snarled schedules this week may have displaced new controversial security measures as concerns for U.S. air travelers but the issue will continue to generate discussion. Some experts advise more reliance on intelligence, behavioral profiling, and empowering passengers. Read more

Op-ed: "Thank Terrorists When Airport Screeners Grope" by Amity Shlaes (

Conference Call: "Threats, Local Responses: The Challenges of Counterterrorism" with Richard Falkenrath

Interview: "Terrorism Risks and 'Timeless Problems'" with Richard  Betts

Expert Brief: "More Effective Security, Not More Draconian Security" by Edward Alden

Backgrounder: Threat of homegrown Islamist terrorism

CFR experts on Homeland Security