The World This Week

January 21, 2011

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How to Gauge U.S.-China Talks

The Obama administration scored some successes on human rights and trade during Chinese President Hu's state visit this week, but there were no breakthroughs on currency and other issues, says CFR's Elizabeth Economy. Read more

Expert Brief: "U.S.-China Exchange Rate Thicket" by Steven Dunaway

Media Conference Call: "Chinese President Hu Jintao's Meeting with President Obama" with Elizabeth Economy, Steven Dunaway, and John Pomfret

Expert Brief: "Reality in U.S.-China Relations" by Elizabeth Economy

Article: "The Stalemate Summit" by Leslie Gelb (Daily Beast)

Book: Advantage - How American Innovation Can Overcome the Asian Challenge by Adam Segal

CFR experts on China

Will Tunisia Inspire More Popular Uprisings?

The Egyptian and Libyan publics are the two most likely to be inspired by the ouster of Tunisia's Ben Ali, and the United States should be pressing Egypt especially to open up politics and allow for competition, says CFR's Elliott Abrams. Read more

First Take: "Tunisia after Ben Ali" by Steven Cook

Media Conference Call: "Tunisia - Repercussions for the Region" with Steven Cook and Jared Cohen

Foreign Affairs: "Morning in Tunisia - The Frustrations of the Arab World Boil Over" by Michele Penner Angrist

Op-ed: "After Tunisia, Arab World Gives Up on America" by Mohamad Bazzi (GlobalPost)

Analysis Brief: Can Tunisia spark a revolutionary wave?

CFR experts on North Africa

Time for Diplomatic Offensive against Iran

As nuclear talks between Iran and major powers resume, the moment is ripe for a U.S.-led diplomatic offensive, backed by economic incentives, to persuade Iran to abandon its uranium enrichment program, says CFR's Matthew Fuhrmann. Read more

Op-ed: "Iran's Aspiring Autocrat Seeks a Hardline Era" by Ray Takeyh (Financial Times)

Foreign Affairs: "The Dangers of a Nuclear Iran - The Limits of Containment" by Eric Edelman, Andrew Krepinevich Jr., and Evan Braden Montgomery

Op-ed: "Would a Nuclear Armed Iran Really Be so Dangerous" by Matthew Fuhrmann and Todd Sechser (Christian Science Monitor)

Book: The Sixth Crisis - Iran, Israel, America, and the Rumors of War by Dana Allin and Steven Simon

Op-ed: "Iran Struggles to Redefine its Religious Leaders' Roles" by Mohamad Bazzi (The National)

CFR experts on Iran