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March 25, 2011

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Obama's 'Poorly Conceived' Libya Intervention

President Obama's decision to intervene in Libya is hobbled by poor timing and muddled objectives, but charges that the war is illegal are unfounded, says CFR's James Lindsay. Read more

Op-ed: "Libya - Too Much, Too Late" by Richard Haass (Politico)

Media Conference Call: "Assessing Military Action in Libya" with Max Boot and Ray Takeyh

Op-ed: "United States Must Take Sides to Keep the Arab Spring from Islamist Takeover" by Ray Takeyh (Washington Post)

Article: "The Horrible Libya Hypocrisies" by Leslie Gelb (Daily Beast)

Op-ed: "What Is the U.S. Plan for Libya? A Negotiated End to a Civil War" by Micah Zenko (New York Times)

Op-ed: "Planning for a Post-Qaddafi Libya" by Max Boot (New York Times)

CFR experts on Libya

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A New Lease on Life for Humanitarianism

The United States and its coalition partners’ decision to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya seemed to be a vindication of the fragile “responsibility to protect” norm, writes Stewart Patrick on But just how strengthened "RtoP" will be depends on how well the intervention turns out. Read more

First Take: "Libyan Strikes - Clearer Objectives Needed" by Robert Danin

Book: How Wars End - Why We Always Fight the Last Battle by Gideon Rose

Analysis Brief: Libya and the Responsibility to Protect

Foreign Affairs: "What Intervention Looks Like - How the West Can Aid the Libyan Rebels" by Robert Hunter

Backgrounder: The dilemma of humanitarian intervention

Interactive: Global Governance Monitor - Armed Conflict

CFR experts on Humanitarian Intervention

Voices from Inside Japan

Japan's resilience and strength, along with international assistance, will energize Japan’s rebuilding effort, says Sheila Smith. She shares stories from people on the ground on the Asia Program's blog, "Asia Unbound." Read more

Interview: "Disaster Relief in a Dangerous World" with Seth Cropsey, Hudson Institute

Op-ed: "The Devil We Know" by Michael Levi (Slate)

Blog: "Remembering Katrina and Sichuan Amidst Japan's Crisis" by Elizabeth Economy ("Asia Unbound")

Op-ed: "The Bank of Japan Averts a Financial Earthquake" by Sebastian Mallaby (Financial Times)

Foreign Affairs: "Japan's Rebound - How Unconventional Thinking May Help Japan Recover From Disaster" by Christian Caryl

CFR experts on Japan

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