The World This Week

April 8, 2011

In this issue:

U.S. Budget Brinksmanship

The mounting budget battle in Washington and looming federal debt limit raises concerns about the ability of U.S. lawmakers to tackle the country's enormous deficit and debt, writes CFR's James Lindsay. Read more

Op-ed: "The Global Costs of a U.S. Shutdown" by Sebastian Mallaby (

Expert Roundup: "Infrastructure Investment and U.S. Competitiveness" with Robert Puentes, Felix Rohatyn, Richard Little, and Stephen Goldsmith

Working Paper: "How Dangerous is U.S. Government Debt" by Francis Warnock

Council Special Report: Congress and National Security by Kay King

CFR experts on Economics

Libya's Strains on NATO

France, Britain, and other NATO nations are now heading the Libya mission, but strains among members could be amplified if NATO tries to increase support for the rebels and the coalition still hasn't clarified its objectives, says CFR's Charles Kupchan. Read more

Testimony: "Perspectives on the Crisis in Libya" by Richard Haass

Article: "Wanted - Humanitarians at Home" by Leslie Gelb (Daily Beast)

Op-ed: "Will Libya Become Obama's Iraq?" by Megan O'Sullivan (Washington Post)

Foreign Affairs: "Winning Ugly in Libya - What the United States Should Learn From Its War in Kosovo" by Michael O'Hanlon

Analysis Brief: The perils of Libyan nation building

CFR experts on Libya

Afghan Rage over Quran Burning

Violent protests in Afghanistan against a Florida pastor's Quran burning add another challenge to international security efforts and expose the difficulties in ending this ten-year war. Read more

Op-ed: "U.S. Progress in Afghanistan Easier for Soldiers than Civilians to See" by Stephen Biddle and Michael O'Hanlon (Baltimore Sun)

Op-ed: "Afghanistan, Pushed to the Edge" by Gayle Lemmon (

Task Force Report: U.S. Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan by Richard Armitage, Samuel Berger, and Daniel Markey

Podcast: "An Unlikely Breadwinner Under the Taliban" with Gayle Lemmon

Analysis Brief: Security transition in Afghanistan

Interactive: Timeline - U.S. War in Afghanistan

CFR experts on Afghanistan