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July 1, 2011

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Three Challenges for New IMF Director

New IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has to move quickly to establish independence from the European authorities who got her the job, enhance the IMF's legitimacy, and display her ability to manage the fund, says CFR's Steven Dunaway. Read more

Op-ed: "The Wrong Choice to Head the IMF" by Sebastian Mallaby (Washington Post)

Video Interview: "EU's Rehn Backs Christine Lagarde for IMF Chief" with Olli Rehn, EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs

Op-ed: "The IMF's Next Leader: Don't Rush This Choice" by Michael Spence (Christian Science Monitor)

CFR Meeting Video: "French Economic Policy - An Agenda for Change" with Christine Lagarde

Backgrounder: "The International Money Fund" by Jonathan Masters

CFR experts on the IMF

Growing Shadows in an Unsettled Iraq

A rise in Iraq's violence and sectarian tensions--and the highest U.S. monthly combat deaths since 2008--come amid mounting concerns over the government's role and questions about the U.S. troop presence, says expert Sean Kane. Read more

Interactive: Timeline - The Iraq War

Testimony: "Preserving Progress: Transitioning Authority and Implementing the Strategic Framework in Iraq" by Max Boot

Op-ed: "U.S. Troop Deadline Divides an Uneasy Alliance in Iraq" by Mohamad Bazzi (The National)

Op-ed: "Kurds May Lead the Way for the Arab Spring" by Meghan O'Sullivan (

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Qaddafi’s Arrest Warrant: The False Peace-Justice Tradeoff

Monday’s decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue a warrant for the arrest of Muammar al-Qaddafi for crimes against humanity could hasten rather than delay Qaddafi’s departure from power, because it is yet another step in delegitimizing his rule, says CFR's Stewart Patrick on his blog, "The Internationalist." Read more

Op-ed: "International Arrest Warrant Could Spur Qaddafi to Fight to the Death" by James Lindsay (

Blog: "Libya - 'Justifications' for Intervention" by Micah Zenko ("Politics, Power, and Preventive Action")

Analysis Brief: "Will the ICC Help Defeat Qaddafi?" by Deborah Jerome

Foreign Affairs: "NATO After Libya - The Atlantic Alliance in Austere Times" by Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Council Special Report: Justice Beyond the Hague - Supporting the Prosecution of International Crimes in National Courts by David Kaye

CFR experts on international law

This Week on CFR's Blogs

Michael Levi critiques recent reporting on the shale gas industry on his blog, "Energy, Security, and Climate." Read more

More From CFR's Expert Blogs:

The Water's Edge: James M. Lindsay shares a guest post from CFR's Mark Lagon on the State Department's human trafficking report.

Asia Unbound: Sheila Smith reflects on her visit to Ishinomaki City in Japan three months after the earthquake-tsunami.

Pressure Points: Elliott Abrams examines whether Israeli settlements are really the obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Geo-Graphics: New graphic shows the changing nature of U.S. unemployment.

Democracy in Development: Isobel Coleman says the debate over women's rights is at the heart of tensions in Saudi Arabia.

Politics, Power, and Preventive Action: Micah Zenko discusses the legal challenges to using preventive force.

Africa In Transition: John Campbell analyzes the tensions South Africa's Jacob Zuma must balance with the situation in Libya.

Latin America's Moment: Shannon O'Neil writes that deepening mistrust between the U.S. and Mexico over the drug war could have longterm ramifications.

From The Potomac To The Euphrates: Steven Cook shares four reasons why Egypt's Tahrir Square is again a zone of confrontation.

The Internationalist: Stewart Patrick calls the UN's new World Drug Report "half baked."

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