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July 22, 2011

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Can the Senate Budget Plan End the Standoff?

A proposal by the bipartisan "Gang of Six" to reduce deficits by nearly $4 trillion could gain traction among House Republicans, with polls showing greater public support for raising the debt ceiling as the August 2 deadline approaches, says CFR's Sebastian Mallaby. Read more

Media Conference Call: "Debt Crisis Implications" with James M. Lindsay and Sebastian Mallaby

Op-ed: "Default Would Dim American Power" by James M. Lindsay (Washington Post)

Analysis Brief: "Global Unease on U.S. Debt Impasse" by Jonathan Masters

Interview: "Political Ripples of EU's Sovereign Debt Crisis" with Franco Pavoncello, John Cabot University

Analysis Brief: "Congress' Debt Ceiling Manuevers" by Christopher Alessi

Issue Guide: Debt and U.S. National Security

CFR experts on economics

Another Challenge to U.S.-Pakistan Ties

The FBI's arrest of Ghulam Nabi Fai on charges of acting as a Pakistani agent to lobby U.S. policymakers on Kashmir may worsen the countries' already troubled relationship, says CFR's Daniel Markey. Read more

Blog: "Revisiting the Pakistani Aid Conundrum" by Isobel Coleman ("Democracy in Development")

Video Interview: "Why Pakistan Is a Terrorist Attraction" with Stewart Patrick

Working Paper: "Next Steps for Pakistan Strategy" by Daniel Markey

Oped: "The Fallout from the CIA’s Vaccination Ploy in Pakistan" by  Orin Levine and Laurie Garrett

Analysis Brief: "Terrorism Concerns on U.S.-India Agenda" by Jayshree Bajoria

Task Force Report: U.S. Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan chaired by Richard Armitage and Samuel Berger, directed by Daniel Markey

Interactive: Crisis Guide - Pakistan

CFR experts on Pakistan

The U.S. Energy Challenge

Can the United States improve its energy security in a clean, affordable, and efficient way? Michael Levi and four other experts offer solutions to the daunting energy challenges facing the United States. Read more

Video Interview: "The Future of U.S. Energy" with James Rogers, CEO, Duke Energy

Foreign Affairs: "The Crisis in Clean Energy - Stark Realities of the Renewables Craze" by David Victor and Kassia Yanosek

Op-ed: "Shale Gas Isn’t Actually Evil. But the Shale Gas Industry is Behaving Stupidly" by Michael Levi (The New Republic)

Foreign Affairs: "The Good News About Gas - The Natural Gas Revolution and its Consequences" by John Deutch

Blog: "How Much Is Being Spent on Energy Poverty" by Michael Levi ("Energy, Security, and Climate")

Interactive: Crisis Guide - Climate Change

CFR experts on energy security

This Week on CFR's Blogs

Stewart Patrick argues that the international community must address the sexual abuse of men, as well as women, during wartime on his blog, "The Internationalist." Read more

More From CFR's Expert Blogs:

The Water's Edge: James M. Lindsay discusses the consequences of a default on U.S. debt.

Asia Unbound: Sheila Smith reacts to Japan's soccer team win in the Women's World Cup.

Pressure Points: Elliott Abrams argues that the United States is losing legitimacy over Syria.

Democracy in Development: Isobel Coleman revisits the U.S. aid conundrum in Pakistan.

Politics, Power, and Preventive Action: Micah Zenko argues that the United States must evaluate whether regime change in Syria is worth the cost.

Africa in Transition: John Campbell highlights a new report on state stability in Africa.

Energy, Security, and Climate: Michael Levi argues that shale gas requires better regulation

Latin America's Moment: Shannon O'Neil addresses the issue of gun control on the U.S. border with Mexico.

From The Potomac To The Euphrates: Steven Cook shares a guest post reacting to the U.S. recognition of Libya's rebel government.

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