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Counter-Jihad in the Islamic World

Interviewer: Isobel Coleman, Senior Fellow and Director of the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Initiative; Director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program, Council on Foreign Relations
Interviewee: Robin Wright, Author, Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World
October 6, 2011

Robin Wright, author of Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World, discusses the unfolding developments of the Arab Spring with Isobel Coleman, director of CFR's Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Initiative. Wright argues that "there's something called a counter-jihad happening, that's challenging the political status quo and the old men who have led these countries for so long. It was also challenging extremism, Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and its affiliates, as well as challenging rigid Islamic ideology."

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