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Pathways to Peace

America and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Contributor: , Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies

Pathways to Peace - robert-danin-on-the-arab-israeli-conflict
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Publisher Council on Foreign Relations

Release Date November 13, 2012

Price $31.00 hardcover

ISBN 1137304790


In 1991, the United States successfully launched the first serious direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Madrid. In the more than twenty years since, Washington has endeavored to facilitate Israeli-Palestinian talks as the way to end the more than century-long conflict over the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. The core approach underlying these efforts has been negotiations based on the principle of land-for-peace, enshrined by United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 in November 1967. Some forty-five years later, that formula, while still paramount, has not produced an Israeli-Palestinian settlement. The problem with the American emphasis on negotiations, and the source of its failure to deliver, is not that it is ill conceived, but rather that it is incomplete.

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