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The Rise of 'Foreign Policy Birthers'

Author: Leslie H. Gelb, President Emeritus and Board Senior Fellow
April 23, 2011
Daily Beast


Those who are convinced that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fabrication and believe he is the emission of some Kenyan voodoo ceremony, see the president as a black Damien, the offshoot of the Devil who can only do evil. No evidence will ever alter their revelation. And day after day, the news media actually gives these racist and political cynics air and print space. There's no excuse for this.

Then there are the foreign policy birthers, who see Obama as Jimmy Carter, a vacillating over-intellectualized liberal who can't make up his mind. To them, whatever Obama does abroad is wrong—seriously and dangerously wrong. If he supports the Mideast democrats, they chant that he's "betraying" our longtime allies. If he doesn't demand the removal of these longtime allies, they charge him with selling out the democrats. Of course, our birthers can say whatever they want. This is America. Nonetheless, I indulge myself in the fantasy that some editor or TV producer would ask one simple question to these foreign policy birthers: What exactly in heaven's name would you do?

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