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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Guidance for 2008-2009

Author: Mike Mullen, President, MGM Consulting, LLC
Published November 2008



Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Guidance for 2008-2009

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, released this guidance document for the Joint Staff. He writes,

"We are a global force with global responsibilities and will contitnue to be so. The sustained presence and persistent engagement of our forces are the most effective way to develop the lasting relationships and cooperation necessary to secure our vital national interests. We have the most combat-hardened forces in history. Our Navy and Air Force are unmatched, although our advantage could easily slip. Reenlistments are up; the all-volunteer force is sound.

However, we cannot meet the challenges of today and those of tomorrow with military power alone. We must guard against further militarization of our foreign policy. To achieve our strategic objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan, to reset, reconstitute, and revitalize the force, and to rebalance strategic ris, it is vital that we not only develop our military capabilities, but also strengthen capacity of other government agencies and that of our foreign partners."

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