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Further Reading on North America

Updated June 6, 2006

North American Free Trade Agreement (1994) NAFTA

NAFTA Secretariat

Background Information of the NAFTA partners CIA World Factbook listings USA



U.S. Department of State



Map of North America

Map of Mexico

Map of Canada

Map of the United States of America


Center for North American Studies, American University

Mexico Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Canada Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California at San Diego

CIDAC (Mexico City) North American Futures Project, Pacific Council of International Policy

North America Security Project Canadian Council of Chief Executives

The Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria


North American Development Bank

Inter-American Development Bank

World Bank


Council on Foreign Relations (US)

Council on Foreign Relations (Mexico)

Canadian Council of Chief Executives

Americas Program

Relevant Meeting Records and Speeches

El Presidente Vicente Fox, participó en la Sesión Conjunta del Parlamento Canadiense Ottawa, Canadá, 25 de octubre de 2004

Address by President Vicente Fox Quesada to the Canadian Parliament Ottawa, Canada, October 25, 2004

Press Release of the Joint Statement by Canada and Mexico: A commitment to our common future Ottawa, Canada, October 25, 2004

Déclaration commune sur un engagement pour notre avenir commun entre le Canada et le Mexique Le 25 octobre 2004, Ottawa (Ontario)

México y Canadá construyen un ambiente propicio para la inversión: Presidente Vicente Fox Ottawa, Canada, October 26, 2004

North American Assembly, September, 21-22, 2003,122,1

Síntesis de la conferencia organizada por el Foro sobre la Integración Norte Americana, March 27-28, 2003

Conférence du Forum sur L'Intégration Nord Américaine, Mars 27-28, 2003

North American Forum on Integration Conference 2004, March 27-28, 2004 General Background Reading

NAFTA Ten Years On, CFR Meeting Transcript

Toward A North American Community: Lessons from the Old World for the New By Robert Pastor

Two Ways to Go Global By Peter Hakim>

Closing the Development Gap: A Proposal for a North American Investment Fund By Robert A. Pastor, Samuel Morley, and Sherman Robinson

A North American Community: A Modest Proposal To the Trilateral Commission. By Robert Pastor

The Trilateral Mirage By Jean Daudelin> Articles on Security

Unclogging the Border Maclean's, By Mary Janigan>

Thinking the Unthinkable: Security Threats, Cross-Border Implications, and Canada's Long-Term Strategies," Danielle Goldfarb

Trade and Security in North America - The Importance of Big Ideas, Dwight N. Mason

Canadian Defense Priorities: What Might the United States Like to See?, Dwight N. Mason

Canada and the U.S Missile Defense System, Dwight N. Mason

Articles on Economic Integration A Mexico Initiative for the Renewed Bush Administration Sidney Weintraub

North American Economic Integration, Earl Fry

Beyond Labels: Comparing Proposals for Closer Canada-U.S. Cooperation, Danielle Goldfarb

Building a 21st Century Canada-United States Partnership in North America, The Canadian Council of Chief Executives

The Prospects for Deeper North American Economic Integration, Gary C. Hufbauer and Jeffrey J. Schott

The Road to a U.S.-Canada Customs Union, Danielle Golfarb

NAFTA, FDI, and Sustainable Industrial Development in Mexico, Lyuba Zarsky and Kevin P. Gallagher

Taking a Giants Measure: Canada, NAFTA and an Emergent China Wendy Dobson

NAFTA and Mexico's Agriculture, Sergio Sarmiento

U.S. Trade Policy and Canadian Culture: What Can Be Accomplished Through Trade Negotiation?, William S. Merkin

U.S.-Canada Trade in Cultural Products and Services: What's at Stake?, Jonathan P. Doh>

An Argument for the Negotiation of a Bilateral Agreement on Cultural Trade with Canada: Why now?, Christopher Sands

Articles on Institutions A Strategic Dialogue from IRC's Americas Program: 10 Years of NAFTA's Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC) in Mexico, Laura Silván

Environmental Recommendations Insufficient to Offset Trade Priorities, Marisa Jacott

The Labor Dimension of the Emerging Free Trade Area of the Americas Center for Human Rights and Global Justice Working Paper, Number 2, 2004

Articles (Miscellaneous) The Toxic Border>

The Impact of NAFTA and Options for Tax Reform in Mexico, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Duanjie Chen

The Twenty-Five Years that Transformed Mexico Luis Rubio (slide presentation)

Globalization: Myths, Facts, and Consequences John F. Helliwell>

NAFTA and the Environment: Seven Years Later Gary Hufbauer, Daniel Esty, Diana Orejas, Luis Rubio, and Jeffrey Schott

Regional Integration and Technology Diffusion, Maurice Schiff and Yanling Wang

NAFTA, Capital Mobility, and Mexico's Financial System, Thomas Charles Glaessner and Daniels Oks

North American Futures Project Interim Report Denise Dresser

Mexico Steps Beyond the Labyrinth of Solitude Denise Dresser〈=1&m=series

Articles on Energy Cooperation Canada and the U.S.: A Seamless Energy Border? Paul G. Bradley and G. Campbell Watkins

Articles on Regulatory Policies and Standards

External Advisory Committee on Smart Regulation report

Prime Minister Martin's speech at Sun Valley

Throne Speech

Throne Reply

Policy Research Initiative,"North American Linkages" project, Jean-Pierre Voyer and André Downs

Risks and Rewards: New Frontiers in International Regulatory Cooperation (September 2003)

Online Mentions in the Press 'NAFTA-Plus' Talks Aim for Security Pact Vive le Canada (10/19/2004)

Manley to Chair Task Force on North American Integration, Globe and Mail (10/15/2004)

Unclogging the Border Maclean's By Mary Janigan