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North Korea in Transition

Politics, Economy, and Society

Editors: Kyung-Ae Park, Korea Foundation Chair, Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, and , Senior Fellow for Korea Studies and Director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy

North Korea in Transition - north-korea-in-transition
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Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Release Date October 2012

Price $35.00 hardcover

328 pages
ISBN 978-1442218123


Following the death of Kim Jong-il, North Korea has entered a period of profound transformation laden with uncertainty. This authoritative book brings together the world's leading North Korea experts to analyze both the challenges and prospects the country is facing. Drawing on the contributors' expertise across a range of disciplines, the book examines North Korea's political, economic, social, and foreign policy concerns. Considering the implications for Pyongyang's transition, it focuses especially on the transformation of ideology, the Worker's Party of Korea, the military, effects of the Arab Spring, the emerging merchant class, cultural infiltration from the south, Western aid, and global economic integration. The contributors also assess the impact of North Korea's new policies on China, South Korea, the United States, and the rest of the world. Comprehensive and deeply knowledgeable, their analysis is especially crucial given the power consolidation efforts of the new leadership under way in Pyongyang and the implications for both domestic and international politics.


Part I: North Korea's Political System in the Transition Era

Chapter 1: The Role and Influence of Ideology
by Charles Armstrong
Chapter 2: The Role and Influence of the Party Apparatus
by Ken Gause
Chapter 3: The Role and Influence of the North Korean Military
by Terence Roehrig
Chapter 4: The Kims' Three Bodies: Toward Understanding Dynastic Succession in North Korea
by Bruce Cumings
Chapter 5: North Korea after Kim Jong Il
by Victor Cha and Nicholas Anderson

Part II: Prospects for the North Korean Economy

Chapter 6: Western Aid: The Missing Link for North Korea's Economic Revival?
by Nicholas Eberstadt
Chapter 7: Future Strategies for Global Economic Integration
by Bradley Babson

Part III: North Korean Society and Culture in Transition

Chapter 8: Low-Profile Capitalism: The Emergence of the New Merchant/Entrepreneurial Class in Post-Famine North Korea
by Andrei Lankov
Chapter 9: "Cultural Pollution" From the South?
by Woo Young Lee and Jungmin Seo

Part IV: Foreign Relations in the Transition Era

Chapter 10: Changes and Continuities in Pyongyang's China Policy
by Liu Ming
Chapter 11: Changes and Continuities in Inter-Korean Relations
by Haksoon Paik
Chapter 12: North Korea's Relations with the United States and the Rest of the World
by David Kang

Part V: Conclusion

Chapter 13: North Korea in Transition: Evolution or Revolution?
by Scott Snyder and Kyung-Ae Park

More About This Publication

"Timely . . . lays out the bigger picture and questions with a sweep that is rarely seen in the English-language analysis of the country."
--Wall Street Journal

"This book meets a pressing need for wide-ranging, timely coverage of North Korea. It offers diverse, sometimes clashing views, especially over the future of the regime. Many chapters cover areas neglected elsewhere, deepening the debate. Others offer strong opinions, trying to steer the debate. Sensibly, the concluding chapter by the two editors draws the arguments together, leaving the reader with a clear sense of the options that lie ahead."
--Gilbert Rozman, Princeton University

"An important work on the future of North Korea by an outstanding array of practitioners and academic experts. As the Pyongyang regime attempts to consolidate rule under the newest 'Dear Leader,' it will continue to defy simplistic analysis. This book is a great advance to understanding the enigma that is North Korea."
--Stephen Bosworth, Tufts University

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