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Convention on the Conservation and Management of Pollock Resources in the Central Bering Sea

Published December 8, 1995

The Alaska Fisheries Science Center states this convention’s objectives as, “to establish an international regime for conservation, management, and optimum utilization of Pollock resources in the Convention area;  to restore and maintain the Pollock resources in the Bering Sea at levels which will permit their maximum sustainable yield;   to cooperate in the gathering and examining of factual information  concerning Pollock and other living marine resources in the Bering Sea; and to provide, if the Parties agree, a forum in which to consider the  establishment of necessary conservation and management  measures for living marine resources other than Pollock in the  Convention Area as may be required in the future.

It was signed on June 16, 1994 and entered into force on December 8, 1995.


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