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British Council: Pakistan: The Next Generation

November 1, 2009


This report from the British Council titled The Next Generation: Pakistan aims to spark debate on how the country can transform itself to harness the potential of its young people.

Pakistan has spent much of the twenty-first century in turmoil.

The country sits on a geopolitical fault line, bordering China, India, Afghanistan and Iran - all countries that play a pivotal role in the modern world.

Throughout history, the country has been buffeted by external forces and subject to interference from external actors. The relationship with India has long been fraught with difficulty. During the Cold War, Pakistan was drawn into the conflict between the Soviet Union and United States of America in Afghanistan.

Since 9/11, the country has found itself on the front line of the so-called 'War on Terror'. Over the past few years, a wave of attacks
from extremists has spread fear among ordinary people, while weakening the state and isolating Pakistan from the global community.

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