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Newsweek: Change We Can't Believe In

Author: Fareed Zakaria, Host, CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS
May 2, 2009


Fareed Zakaria argues that although the Pakistani military has pledged to fight the spread of the Taliban in the country, it has yet to sever its core relationship with the militants.

Excerpt: Finally, we are told, the Pakistani military has gotten serious about the threat that militants pose to its country. The Army is now fighting back for real, sending troops to dislodge the jihadists who had spread out of the Swat Valley. We hear this from Pakistani commanders, of course, but also from civilian leaders as well as from U.S. officials, including the secretary of defense, Robert Gates. In an interview with me for CNN, Gates said, "I think the movement of the Taliban so close to Islamabad was a real wake-up call for them."

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