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Woodrow Wilson Center: Making U.S. Civilian Assistance to Pakistan Work for Both Sides

November 2011


This report supports U.S. civilian assistance to Pakistan, and makes recommendations to help the Kerry Lugar Berman (KLB) act serve the interests of both countries.

The U.S.-Pakistan partnership is facing unprecedented strains, and dissatisfaction in both countries over The Kerry Lugar Berman (KLB) act's record reinforces other sources of tension in the relationship. Vital U.S. interests require a successful Pakistan—prosperous, stable, democratic, and capable of playing a constructive role in global affairs—but many analysts in both the United States and Pakistan fear that KLB has little chance of succeeding.

Reflecting widespread concern in both countries that KLB was in grave danger, the Woodrow Wilson Center's Asia Program organized a 17-member working group earlier this year to examine both the broad principles governing the aid program, and some of the specific mechanisms of implementation. This report is the product of extensive consultations, in Pakistan as well as in Washington.

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