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Stop Supporting Palestinian Terror

Author: Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies
April 17, 2017
National Review


Since the “Middle East Peace Process” began in 1993 with the Oslo Accords, the United States has permitted the two key Palestinian organizations — the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) — to get away with murder. Well, let’s not exaggerate: Not precisely to get away with murder, but to get away with fostering, celebrating, and honoring murder. It’s time to end this scandalous American policy and insist that the Palestinians meet standards we would apply to any other aid recipients anywhere else in the world.

In what sense are they getting away with “fostering, celebrating, and honoring murder”? Two ways. First, Palestinian official bodies celebrate those who kill Israelis by naming streets, schools, and parks after them. The message to young Palestinians is clear: This is the behavior we honor and these are the models you should follow. The best, in other words the worst, example is Dalal Mughrabi, the terrorist who led the 1978 “Coastal Road massacre,” which killed 38 Israelis, including 13 children. Two girls’ high schools, a computer center, a soccer championship, two summer camps, and a public square are named after her.

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