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WI: The Palestinian Legislative Council: A Handbook



The Washington Institute Handbook of Palestinian Legislative Council Members

This Handbook is intended as a reference for analysis of the members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), particularly with regard to tracking their positions on issues relevant to the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. Its contents were derived from open sources and are therefore reliant upon the accuracy of these sources. This notwithstanding, every attempt has been made to verify each entry via secondary sources and thus ensure all data within are as true, accurate, and unbiased as possible. However, The Washington Institute cannot guarantee that in all instances these criteria are met. For this reason, The Institute requests to be notified of any errors or clarifications that would improve the quality of the contents of this Handbook.
Currently, only biographical data and quotations are included in the Handbook. No attempt has been made to draw conclusions regarding the specific political orientation of each delegate. However, the quotations accompanying each entry are suggestive in this regard. The data will be updated periodically as more information becomes available.

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