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Heroic Conservatism

Why Republicans Need to Embrace America's Ideals (And Why They Deserve to Fail if They Don't)

Author: Michael J. Gerson, Roger Hertog Senior Fellow

Heroic Conservatism - heroic-conservatism
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Publisher A CFR Book. HarperCollins

Release Date

Price $26.95 hardcover

320 pages
ISBN 9780061349508


Michael J. Gerson, who penned most of George W. Bush's inspiring speeches, is considered by many Democrats and Republicans to be the most influential White House speechwriter since the Kennedy administration's Ted Sorenson. Known around the administration as the "moral compass," Gerson was more than a speechwriter, he was also a trusted insider helping to make policy decisions.

In Heroic Conservatism, he uses his own experiences in the upper tier of the Bush White House to make his point that America needs a conservatism that is heroic in its aspirations—this includes such "compassionate conservative" social strategies such as continued international AIDS funding, anti-poverty initiatives, and a government leadership rooted in moral values.

Written in Gerson's own accessible voice and with his unique ability to frame complex issues in a way that both challenges and inspires, Heroic Conservatism is a new manifesto for the Republican party and a fascinating memoir of a history-shaping Presidency.

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