Conference on Nigeria

Directors: Barnett R. Rubin, New York University, and Salih Booker
January 30, 1998 - January 30, 1998

For Africa and those concerned with it, no country poses a greater challenge and a greater risk than Nigeria. Though internal conflicts and misrule persist, Nigeria - Africa's most populous country - is potentially an anchor of West African stability and a test of the U.S. commitment to supporting democracy on the continent. Therefore, Washington must define its relationship with Nigeria if it is going to make good on its overall policy of engaging Africa. The Conference on Nigeria brought together a diverse group of Americans and Nigerians from the policy, academic, activist, religious, business, and political communities to assess current trends in Nigeria and explore the development of a comprehensive U.S. strategy toward Nigeria. Among other topics, conference participants discussedthe role ot transnational businesses, non-governmental organizations, and religion in Nigeria.