Program on Energy Security and Climate Change

The Energy Security and Climate Change program aims to illuminate and clarify the relationships between energy, economics, international security, and global climate change, with an eye toward insights that can inform pressing policy decisions. Energy has long been intimately connected with the global economy and international relations. But given mounting scientific evidence of global climate change and its attendant threats, along with rapid changes in the energy landscape, the international economy, and global geopolitics, scholars and policymakers need to update their understanding of energy's role in the world. In particular, confronting climate change will require stimulating clean energy innovation and accelerating low-carbon transitions in emerging economies while recognizing that today's world remains dominated by oil and gas markets that must be understood and managed. To explore these themes, the Energy Security and Climate Change program performs research, commissions papers, and convenes meetings, disseminating ideas and bridging industry, policy, and academic communities.


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