Project on Financial Markets, The Global Economy, and Foreign and National Security Policy

Staff: Roger M. Kubarych
September 1, 1999 - June 30, 2001

The objective of this project is to develop research findings and expert advice that policymakers can use to help prepare for an unexpected financial mishap, and perhaps take steps to mitigate its adverse consequences, both at the domestic and international level. A four-part series of Council events will provide the means to examine the links between the financial markets and broader economic, foreign policy, and national security concerns: (1) A roundtable at which the participants, including market practitioners, scholars, and former senior officials review the lessons learned from past stock market disturbances and the policy responses to them and identify the economic and financial vulnerabilities in the current environment; (2) a scenario-building roundtable; (3) a policy simulation in which a small number of experienced policy thinkers and former policymakers will work through the options and constraints facing the U.S. government in the aftermath of a sudden and significant stock market decline; (4) a conference to disseminate the findings of the roundtable and simulation. The conference will provide a forum to raise the broadest possible perspective on the intersection of financial markets, the global economy, foreign policy, and national security.