Reinventing North America: Tending the Relationship

Director: Kenneth R. Maxwell, Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
November 1, 1993 - November 1, 1997

This symposium drew participants from the United States, Canada, and Mexico to the San Diego/Tijuana metropolitan area to consider the difficulties that have emerged three years into NAFTA. On the Canadian side, participants examined why specific issues such as fishing and the environment sometimes escalate into larger problems. For the United States, congressional matters, particularly the difficulties of building consistent coalitions, were the focus of the discussion. The uncertainties that will accompany growing political pluralism were the focus of the discussion on Mexico. The conference, held on November 14­15, 1997, concluded a four-year series examining the changing character of North America as a region and resulting implications for U.S. foreign policy.