Roundtable on China’s Nuclear Weapons and the Future of Arms Control

Director: Robert A. Manning, Senior Adviser, Atlantic Council
Chairs: Ronald Montaperto, and Brad Roberts
Staff: Richard K. Betts, Adjunct Senior Fellow for National Security Studies
June 1, 1998 - February 1, 2000

This ongoing roundtable series brings together leading specialists on China and nuclear weapons to assess China’s nuclear doctrine, strategy, perceptions, and modernization strategy and their implications for the U.S. and the region. These issues will be assessed with a view toward the prospects of nuclear arms reductions. A written analysis of the conclusions derived from last year’s roundtable sessions was produced.


China, Nuclear Weapons, and Arms Control

Speakers: Brad Roberts, Research Staff, Strategy, Forces, and Resources Division, Institute for Defense Analyses, Robert A. Manning, Director of Asian Studies, CFR, Ronald Montaperto, Senior Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University
May 19, 2000

This meeting is not for attribution.


Dialogue on China Arms Control

Presider: Ronald Montaperto
Speakers: Robert A. Manning, Council on Foreign Relations, Richard K. Betts, Council on Foreign Relations
June 1, 1998

This meeting is not for attribution.