Study Group on Assessing the Future of Chinese Power

Director: Thomas Christensen
Chair: Harry Harding
Staff: Richard K. Betts, Adjunct Senior Fellow for National Security Studies
September 1, 1998 - June 1, 2000

Some of the principal issues in international politics in the next century will be how powerful China becomes, whether its military capabilities will develop commensurately with its economic output, and what challenges Chinese power will pose to regional and global order. Launched in January 1999, this study group held meetings in New York and Washington, D.C., to discuss the interrelationships of political, economic, and military developments in the evolution of Chinese power. Special attention was devoted to considering what might be learned from the experiences of other rising powers, the roles of other major powers in Asia (Japan, Russia, India), and problems in translating economic progress into modern military effectiveness. Richard K. Betts and Thomas J. Christensen are producing an article that draws on the discussions.


Reassessing the Role of Leadership Politics in Chinese Foreign Policy

Presider: Thomas Christensen, Associate Professor of Political Science, MIT
January 25, 2000

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China's Military Capabilities

Speakers: Lonnie Henley, Michael Pillsbury, Defense Intelligence Agency
Presider: Harry Harding
May 5, 1999

This meeting is not for attribution.

China's Relations with Other Powers in Asia

Speakers: Michael J. Green, Council on Foreign Relations, Chas W. Freeman, Projects International, Inc.
Presider: Harry Harding
March 31, 1999

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China and the East Asian Balance of Power

Speakers: Robert S. Ross, Arthur Waldron, University of Pennsylvania
Presider: Richard K. Betts
March 1, 1999

This meeting is not for attribution.

Can China Be Powerful Without Being a Problem?

Speaker: Thomas Christensen, Professor of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Presider: Harry Harding
January 5, 1999

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