Study Group on Globalization and Appropriate Governance

Chair: W. Bowman Cutter
February 1, 2002 - May 1, 2003

Meetings of this series help to review and critique draft chapters of Jagdish Bhagwati's book analyzing the origins of globalization, its social consequences, and the institutional innovations—domestic and international—that govern it. Bhagwati assesses the various critiques of globalization through the lenses of poverty, insecurity, labor standards, gender, the environment, culture, sovereignty, and democratic deficit and concludes that globalization is not merely economically benign, but socially benign as well.



In Defense of Globalization

Panelist: W. Bowman Cutter
Speaker: Jagdish N. Bhagwati
March 27, 2003

This meeting is not for attribution.

Globalization, Democracy, and Sovereignty

Panelist: W. Bowman Cutter, Warburg and Pincus
Speaker: Jagdish N. Bhagwati
March 5, 2002

This meeting is not for attribution.