W. Averell Harriman Study Group on Transatlantic Relations

Staff: Charles A. Kupchan, Whitney Shepardson Senior Fellow
April 1, 1996 - September 1, 1996

This group gathered scholars from both sides of the Atlantic to think more broadly about the future of U.S. -European relations. Questions addressed included: What is the likely trajectory of trade and monetary relations between the United States and Europe? How are migration pressures and labor market organizations likely to affect transatlantic economic relations? How have U.S.-European security relations changed in terms of bother international structure and domestic politics? How do American and European views of America's future role in Europe differ? How are the EU's ongoing and planned institutional transformations likely to affect political and economic relations inside Europe? Are changes in identity among Europeans keeping pace with the evolution of the EU? The study group produced three volumes in 1998: Transatlantic Economic Relations in the Post-Cold War Era, edited by Barry Eichengreen; Atlantic Security, edited by Charles Kupchan, and Centralization or Fragmentation: Europe Facing the Challenges of Deepening, Diversity, and Democracy, edited by Andrew Moravcsik. Charles Kupchan and Roger Altman also co-authored an article examining the effects of Asia's ascendance on Atlantic relations.



Study Group Meeting

The Future of the Left in Italy


Roger C. Altman


Massimo D'Alema, Democratic Party of the Left, Italy
September 11, 1996

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