Women and Foreign Policy Program

The Women and Foreign Policy program is a major component of CFR's Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy initiative. The objective of the Women and Foreign Policy program is to bring the status of women firmly into the mainstream foreign policy debate. Thanks in part to its efforts, there is now broad understanding of the importance of women's empowerment to a host of development, health, security, and other global priorities.

The program's current areas of focus include:

  • Improving maternal health in Afghanistan.
  • U.S. leadership in international reproductive health and family planning.
  • The role of technology and private sector resources in empowering women economically.
  • Entrepreneurs and market linkages in conflict and post-conflict environments.

Please see below for relevant publications:

Community-Based Interventions - Improving Maternal Health in Afghanistan

Speaker: Denise Byrd
Presider: Isobel Coleman

Experience has shown that community-based interventions not only reduce maternal mortality in Afghanistan, but also complement broader efforts to achieve stability and development in this war-torn country. Denise Byrd, an expert in maternal and child health, reproductive health, and family planning, described the challenges faced by maternal health providers in Afghanistan and discussed several successful intervention programs.

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Women and Development: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter

Speaker: Anne-Marie Slaughter
Presider: Isobel Coleman

CFR's Isobel Coleman, Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy and Director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program sits down with Anne-Marie Slaughter, Former Director of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Deparment, to discuss the State Department's approach to alleviating poverty and empowering women in the developing world.

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