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Making Sense of the  “International Community”

Making Sense of the “International Community”

Author: Tod Lindberg

Tod Lindberg defends the concept of the international community. At its best, the international community represents the embodiment of liberal normative ideals exerting an influence on international politics, though its many invocations may fall short in encapsulating this ideal.

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Preventive Priorities Survey: 2014

Preventive Priorities Survey: 2014

The Center for Preventive Action's annual Preventive Priorities Survey (PPS) evaluates ongoing and potential conflicts based on their likelihood of occurring in the coming year and their impact on U.S. interests. The PPS aims to help the U.S. policymaking community prioritize competing conflict prevention and mitigation demands.

View the accompanying online interactive: CPA's Global Conflict Tracker

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Afghanistan After the Drawdown

Afghanistan After the Drawdown

Authors: Seth G. Jones and Keith Crane

The United States maintains important interests in Afghanistan, even as most U.S. and allied troops are withdrawn in 2014. Seth G. Jones and Keith Crane assess the political, security, and economic challenges facing U.S. policymakers in Afghanistan and evaluate a range of policy options.

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Making the New Revolutions in Biology Safe

Making the New Revolutions in Biology Safe

Author: Laurie Garrett

Two new revolutions in biologygain-of-function research and synthetic biologyare forcing policymakers to rethink current national and international surveillance and regulatory systems, and any resolution will require international buy-in since the threat entails all living organisms.

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