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Teaching Notes, by CFR fellows and other experts, feature discussion questions, classroom activities, essay prompts, and supplemental readings. Built around CFR resources and general foreign policy topics, Teaching Notes are designed to assist professors and teachers in developing course syllabi and curricula. Use of these notes is free of charge.

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The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State

In this book, CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow Noah Feldman provides a sweeping history of the traditional Islamic constitution—its noble beginnings, its downfall, and the renewed promise it could hold for Muslims and Westerners alike. Teaching notes by the author.

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana

In this book, CFR Senior Fellow Gayle Tzemach Lemmon provides an intimate look at the daily lives of women in Afghanistan through the incredible true story of a female entrepreneur who mobilized her community under the Taliban. Teaching notes by the author.

Russian Foreign Policy

In this book, CFR Fellow Jeffrey Mankoff analyzes Russia's interactions with major global actors and concludes that today's Russia is more interested in restoring what its leaders consider to be its rightful place among the world's major powers than in directly challenging the West. Teaching notes by the author.

More Money Than God

In this book, CFR Senior Fellow Sebastian Mallaby gives an insider's view on the origin and evolution of hedge funds in the broader context of the history of modern finance through extensive research and numerous case studies. Teaching notes by the author.

Between Threats and War

In this book, CFR Fellow Micah Zenko examines thirty-six discrete military operations carried out by the United States and evaluates U.S. policy choices, recommending ways in which limited military force may be applied in the future. Teaching notes by the author.

The River Runs Black

In this book, CFR Senior Fellow Elizabeth C. Economy uses historical research, case studies, and interviews with officials, scholars, and activists in China to provide insightful analysis of the economic and political roots of China's environmental challenge as well as the evolution of the leadership's response. Teaching notes by the author.

War of Necessity, War of Choice

In this book, CFR President Richard N. Haass contrasts the decisions that shaped the conduct of two wars between the United States and Iraq, and writes an authoritative, personal account of how U.S. foreign policy is made. Teaching notes by the author.

The Closing of the American Border

In this book, CFR Senior Fellow Edward Alden examines the complicated interplay between the United States' need for homeland security and economic openness in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Teaching notes by the author.

America Between the Wars

In this book, CFR Senior Fellow James M. Goldgeier and Derek H. Chollet explore how the decisions and debates of the years between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Twin Towers shaped the world we live in today. Teaching notes by Dr. Goldgeier.

On Nuclear Terrorism

In this book, CFR Senior Fellow Michael A. Levi examines one of the greatest national security threats of our time—terrorist groups armed with nuclear weapons—and argues that only a broad-based and multi-layered defense can be effective in confronting it. Teaching notes by the author.