Foreign policy analyses written by CFR fellows and published by trade presses, academic presses, or the Council on Foreign Relations Press.

Transatlantic Tensions

This collection finds that Americans and Europeans are divided by more than an ocean when it comes to designing and carrying out policies toward countries that repress human rights, develop weapons of mass destruction, and support terrorism and subversion.

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The Politics of Post-Suharto Indonesia

The Politics of Post-Suharto Indonesia argues that key opinion leaders around the world need to understand the forces and constituencies that are likely to emerge from the new period of turmoil and change that is occuring in Indonesia.

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The U.S.-Japan Alliance

The U.S. Japan alliance has faced new challenges: domestic opposition to U.S. bases in Okinawa; Chinese criticism of a stronger U.S.-Japan security relationship; and growing international frustration with Japan's economic policies. The alliance remains crucial to both nations' interests, but the management of bilateral security ties has become more complex.

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Behind the Open Door

Author: Daniel H. Rosen

Drawing on extensive interviews with expatriate managers and other professionals currently at work in China, Behind the Open Door describes the experiences of foreign-invested firms in the mainland Chinese economy and the implications of those experiences for industrial countries' foreign commercial policies.

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China Joins the World

China Joins the World: Progress and Prospects offers fresh, timely insights into U.S. policy choices toward China by providing historical accounts of approaches that have worked and failed since the thawing of U.S.-China relations in the early 1970s, and by synthesizing these accounts to suggest the direction the United States should take today.

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Atlantic Security: Contending Visions

Atlantic Security argues that although policymakers have embarked on ambitious plans to enlarge NATO into central and eastern Europe, a guiding vision for fashioning an Atlantic alliance for the next century has yet to emerge.

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Centralization or Fragmentation?

Author: Andrew Moravcsik

Europe faces looming challenges. The authors examine the nuts and bolts of EU machinery and present a compelling argument that "ever closer union" will only be possible with greater balance and flexibility among supranational, national, and subnational actors.

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Economic Sanctions and American Diplomacy

Author: Richard N. Haass

"Sanctions don't work" is an often-heard refrain. The reality, though, is more complex. Sanctions—mostly economic but also political and military penalties aimed at states or other entities to alter political and/or military behavior—almost always have consequences, sometimes desirable, at other times unwanted and unexpected.

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