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Eurozone Fears Permeate Davos

Author: Christopher Alessi

Political and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos are focused on the ongoing eurozone sovereign debt crisis, with some cautioning that Germany is not doing enough to resolve the crisis and facilitate growth.

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Can Sanctions Bring Iran to the Table?

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

The EU's oil embargo is part of a larger Western effort to pressure Iran to reengage over its disputed nuclear program, but some debate the merits of intensified diplomacy with the regime in Tehran.

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Averting a Disorderly Greek Default

Author: Christopher Alessi

Policymakers and market actors are increasingly concerned about a disorderly Greek default, while many analysts question the wisdom of Germany's strict austerity approach to the escalating eurozone sovereign debt crisis.

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Is Peace With the Taliban Possible?

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

A potential Taliban office in Qatar has raised hopes for a negotiated end to the Afghan war. But numerous challenges remain even as a new controversy over U.S. troop behavior threatens to derail talks.

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The Iran Deterrence Debate

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

The latest revelations over Iran's uranium enrichment activities have triggered debate over a slew of policy options from more sanctions to preventive strikes.

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Author: Toni Johnson

With the contest for GOP presidential contenders formally underway, both parties' prescriptions for economic growth and debt reduction are set to come under intensifying scrutiny.

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Can Iran's Central Bank Be Sanctioned?

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

There is growing support in the U.S. Congress to sanction Iran's central bank in response to new nuclear revelations. Some experts say such a move could backfire and help the regime.

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Assessing Myanmar's Reforms

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Secretary Clinton is in Myanmar to gauge recent reforms by the military-backed regime. Experts are calling for further democratization, including strengthening the rule of law and reconciliation with ethnic minority groups.

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