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Libya's Nervous Changing of the Guard

Author: Toni Johnson

As Libya moves ahead with a leadership transition, it faces challenges including restarting the economy, dealing with humanitarian abuses, and the rising influence of Islamists.

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Security Jitters in Afghanistan

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Recent Taliban attacks in Kabul have undermined Afghan confidence in local security forces and cast new doubt on a sustainable transition from U.S.-led efforts, analysts say.

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The Gathering Eurozone Storm

Author: Christopher Alessi

Investors and financial markets are growing convinced that Greece will default on its debt, heightening fears of a eurozone banking crisis that would have significant ramifications for an already fragile global economy.

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Banking on U.S. Infrastructure Revival

Author: Christopher Alessi

Ailing U.S. infrastructure is seen as threatening U.S. competitiveness, but spending to fix it is a growing topic of debate between Republicans and Democrats as President Obama presses a new jobs program.

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Return of the Eurozone Crisis

Author: Christopher Alessi

Sharp new fears of an escalation in eurozone debt troubles have intensified debate over whether to spur fiscal integration or risk a wider crisis with serious consequences for U.S. financial markets, experts say.

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A New Chapter for U.S.-Pakistan Relations?

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Pakistan's arrest of senior al-Qaeda leaders signals renewed cooperation with the United States. But experts stress both sides have to work harder to tackle issues such as Pakistan's relations with militant groups and U.S. objectives in Afghanistan.

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Author: Christopher Alessi

With markets rattled by the downgrade of U.S. debt, some experts fear running out of policy tools to prevent another global recession, while others are calling on government and central banks to improve fiscal and monetary policy coordination.

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