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Author: Roya Wolverson

Despite some positive economic data, analysts say China's undervalued currency, rising U.S. imports, and risky Fed policies continue to threaten the global economic recovery.

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The Costs of Pakistan's Floods

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Pakistan's floods are likely to cause setbacks for the country's development and its fight against militancy. Experts say the international community must intensify aid efforts and continue to support the country's democratic institutions.

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A Deluge of Woe in Pakistan

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Pakistan's latest bout of struggles with rampant floods, violence, and terrorism raise new questions about its governing capacity and stability. Experts say international support for the country is crucial.

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Can Sanctions Bring Iran to the Table?

Author: Greg Bruno

New sanctions have revived hopes that non-military action can cripple Iran's nuclear program. But some analysts say these efforts could be undermined by Asian investment in Iran as well as the regime's intransigence.

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War Games on the Korean Peninsula

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Korean Peninsula tensions are high, in part fueled by U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises. Experts say the United States must continue to work toward North Korea's denuclearization and prepare for volatility with a leadership change in Pyongyang.

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Giving Kabul the Keys

Author: Greg Bruno

International endorsement of a plan to hand security responsibilities to Afghan forces in 2014 indicates NATO's military commitment is not open-ended. But meeting the deadline amid ongoing Afghan governance issues could prove challenging.

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Author: Roya Wolverson

The U.S. Senate's approval of financial overhaul legislation could lead to sweeping reforms for the financial industry, but it also leaves lobbyists and regulators tasked with fleshing out the details.

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New Guard, Old Policy in Afghanistan

Author: Greg Bruno

In replacing General Stanley McChrystal with General David Petraeus, a well-known counterinsurgency strategist, President Obama is betting that new leadership and old policy will equal victory in Afghanistan.

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Oil Spill Fallout Still Gushing

Author: Toni Johnson

President Obama's vow to make BP pay, and Congress' tough questions to the oil industry, highlight a tense debate over oil policy given the Gulf's ongoing Deepwater spill.

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The Eurozone Debt Conundrum

Author: Roya Wolverson

Eurozone debt concerns have led to soaring lending rates, which in turn helped roil markets concerned about the EU's ability to overcome its crisis.

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Pakistan's Constitutional Reform

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Pakistan's constitutional reforms will strengthen democracy but fail to improve the civil-military balance or check the military's influence on defense and foreign policy.

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Building a BRIC Foundation

Author: Roya Wolverson

The so-called BRIC summit of emerging-market powerhouses raises new questions on whether Brazil, Russia, India, and China can overcome internal differences and pursue common goals.

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The Greek Austerity Message

Authors: Robert McMahon and Roya Wolverson

Tough new measures by the Greek government to curb debt levels are likely to be welcomed by a nervous European Union, but debate persists on whether the EU will, or should, offer Greece financial assistance.

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