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Dangers in U.S.-Pakistan Rift

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

U.S.-Pakistan tensions over a U.S. Embassy employee accused of murder point to the challenges of balancing a long-term partnership with short-term priorities. Analysts say Washington should focus on opening trade and other strategies that help Pakistanis.

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Egypt's Post-Mubarak Path

Authors: Jayshree Bajoria and Deborah Jerome

News that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was formally ending his thirty-year rule prompted cheers in Egypt's streets and deep questions about governance  under the country's military.

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Ripple Effect of Egypt's Protests

Author: Deborah Jerome

The Arab world is watching warily as protests in Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, and Syria add to regional unrest. All are rooted in concern over economic mismanagement and repression, but any new cast of leaders would face steep challenges.

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Author: Roya Wolverson

With the U.S. Treasury approaching its legal borrowing limit, political infighting over the United States' fiscal strategy threatens to thwart international investors and drive up U.S. borrowing costs.

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Egypt's Diplomatic Challenge for the United States

Author: Deborah Jerome

The Obama administration is caught between backing a crucial ally in President Mubarak and supporting democratization in Egypt as the country's protest movement grows.

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Author: Toni Johnson

President Obama's State of the Union stressed an agenda to boost competitiveness, bipartisanship, and sacrifice, but critics say he failed to lay out a convincing plan to tackle the country's mounting debt.

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Lebanon Approaches Tipping Point

Author: Deborah Jerome

The approval of a Hezbollah-backed candidate as Lebanon's new prime minister feeds concerns in the West about the militant Shiite group's growing strength and the implications for national and regional stability.

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Australia's Flood Pain

Author: Toni Johnson

Australia's continued flooding is expected to cost billions in losses and clean-up, and some scientists believe the devastating floods are a harbinger of increasing extreme weather events to come.

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Renewing America

Renewing America

The Eurozone's Next Crisis

Author: Roya Wolverson

Portugal could be the next victim of the eurozone debt crisis, but an EU-IMF led bailout is unlikely to solve the eurozone's larger problems, experts say.

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Southern Sudan's Milestone Referendum

Author: Deborah Jerome

The January 9 referendum on southern Sudan's secession is expected to go smoothly, but some experts caution that disputes over oil and land, and the south's volatility, could mean a violent transition.

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Renewing America

Renewing America

A Looming Debt Limit Crisis

Author: Roya Wolverson

Potential political gridlock over raising the country's debt ceiling could threaten to delay progress on reducing the country's debt and rattle international confidence in the U.S. economy, experts say.

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