Expert Roundup

CFR fellows and outside experts weigh in to provide a variety of perspectives on a foreign policy topic in the news.

What's Topping the Next Israeli PM's Inbox?

Authors: Robert M. Danin, Benedetta Berti, Shlomo Brom, Natan Sachs, and Yossi Klein Halevi

Israel's next governing coalition will lead a country that is prosperous and militarily strong but faces security, economic, and social challenges. Five experts weigh in on the country’s policy priorities.

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Egypt After the Election

Authors: Steven A. Cook, Charles W. Dunne, Michael Wahid Hanna, and Issandr El Amrani

Egyptians will vote for president on May 26–27 in an election whose outcome is considered a foregone conclusion. Four experts weigh the state of Egyptian politics more than three years after the uprising.

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Reflecting on Lehman’s Global Legacy

Authors: Daniel Gros, Farouk Soussa, and Heidi Moore

Experts from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East reflect on the impact and legacy of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy five years ago.

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How NATO Can Remain Relevant

Authors: Xenia Dormandy, Memduh Karakullukçu, Oded Eran, and Igor Yurgens

As NATO's mission continues to redefine itself, four experts discuss what the alliance can do to remain relevant as a force for international peace and security.

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Authors: Michael A. Levi, Daniel P. Ahn, Nicolas Loris, Daniel J. Weiss, and Robert McNally

Prices at the pump are emerging as a significant U.S. election issue. Five experts offer a range of policy options, from lowering regulations to encouraging less consumption.

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