Expert Roundup

CFR fellows and outside experts weigh in to provide a variety of perspectives on a foreign policy topic in the news.

The Doha Climate Debate

Authors: Susanne Droege, Yu Hongyuan, Artur Gradziuk, Simon Dalby, and Navroz K. Dubash

With the UN climate meeting in Doha under way, five experts discuss what needs to happen to advance a comprehensive global climate policy.

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The Case for IMF Quota Reform

Authors: Daniel Gros, Oliver Stuenkel, Nikita Maslennikov, and Pradumna B. Rana

The IMF and World Bank leaders meet in Tokyo this week for their fall meetings. Four experts discuss the failure of IMF leaders to implement agreed-upon governance reform.

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Examining Rio+20's Outcome

Authors: Suan Ee Ong, Rômulo S. R. Sampaio, Andrei Marcu, and Agathe Maupin and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

Although this year's Rio+20 conference produced only vague goals and few concrete commitments, it provided a major opportunity to shift the global environmental focus to the national and local levels, says this Expert Roundup.

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How NATO Can Remain Relevant

Authors: Xenia Dormandy, Memduh Karakullukçu, Oded Eran, and Igor Yurgens

As NATO's mission continues to redefine itself, four experts discuss what the alliance can do to remain relevant as a force for international peace and security.

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Authors: Michael A. Levi, Daniel P. Ahn, Nicolas Loris, Daniel J. Weiss, and Robert McNally

Prices at the pump are emerging as a significant U.S. election issue. Five experts offer a range of policy options, from lowering regulations to encouraging less consumption.

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Was the Iraq War Worth It?

Authors: Andrew J. Bacevich, Max Boot, Michael O'Hanlon, and Michael Ignatieff

As the U.S. military formally ends operations in Iraq, four top expert voices in the debate on the war differ over whether it merited the cost in blood, treasure, and U.S. credibility.

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Authors: Edward Alden, Clyde V. Prestowitz, Thea Lee, and C. Fred Bergsten

Four experts weigh in on the role of free trade in driving U.S. economic growth and competitiveness amid high U.S. unemployment and a faltering global economic recovery.

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After Qaddafi, Libya's Daunting Path

Authors: Richard N. Haass, Ray Takeyh, and Ed Husain

Post-Qaddafi Libya will face difficulties with rebel infighting, the anger of Qaddafi loyalists, and more, but the long-time dictator's death also creates an opening for a more peaceful country. CFR's Richard Haass, Ed Husain, and Ray Takeyh weigh Libya's prospects.

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