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Iran's Marginal UN Moment

Author: Ray Takeyh

President Ahmadinejad's final UN General Assembly address lacked the bombast of previous speeches and added little to the debate over Iran's nuclear program, says CFR's Ray Takeyh.

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A Greek Boost for the Euro

Author: Charles A. Kupchan

A victory for Greece's center-right New Democracy party is a reprieve for the euro, but eurozone leaders must still grapple with systemic fixes, writes CFR's Charles A. Kupchan.

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NATO Tries to Pivot Past Afghanistan

Author: Charles A. Kupchan

The Chicago summit attempted to map a new NATO agenda, but instability in Afghanistan and the European fiscal crisis still cloud the alliance's path, says CFR's Charles Kupchan.

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Francois Hollande's Stimulus Alternative

Author: Charles A. Kupchan

France's new president will likely pursue growth policies that could put him at odds with Germany on austerity measures, with serious ramifications for the EU and the global economy.

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