To help readers better understand the nuances of foreign policy, CFR staff writers and Consulting Editor Bernard Gwertzman conduct in-depth interviews with a wide range of international experts, as well as newsmakers.

Is France Heading South?

Dominique Moisi interviewed by Jeanne Park

If France moves in the direction of its Southern European neighbors, the consequences for the entire European Union could be calamitous, says expert Dominique Moïsi.

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Dim Prospects for Egypt’s Salafis

Jonathan A.C. Brown interviewed by Zachary Laub

Ultraconservative Salafis played a prominent role in the ouster of president Mohammed Morsi, but are unlikely to shape Egypt after the transition, says expert Jonathan A.C. Brown.

The Chemical Weapons Test in Syria

Gregory D. Koblentz interviewed by Jonathan Masters

A new White House report alleging Syria's use of chemical weapons heightens the need for UN inspectors to be allowed to mount an independent investigation, says CFR's Greg Koblentz.