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The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid

Two economists, Steven Radelet of the Center for Global Development and William Easterly of New York University, debate the effectiveness of foreign aid.

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Is U.S. In Iraq To Stay?

Some experts argue the United States intends to establish a long-term military foothold in Iraq to increase its influence in the region, while others say it is merely responding to present security concerns.

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Is China Growing at the United States' Expense?

The Chinese economic boom could pose a real challenge to U.S. power and influence. Morgan Stanley's Stephen Roach and Desmond Lachman of the American Enterprise Institute debate whether China's growth is happening at the United States' expense.

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U.S. Engagement with a Post-Castro Cuba

U.S.-Cuban relations have been virtually nonexistent since 1961, when the United States assumed a two-pronged policy of economic embargo and diplomatic isolation. Now that Fidel has transferred power to his younger brother, Raul, some experts think the United States should reconsider its policy toward Cuba. Philip Peters of the Lexington Institute and Dennis Hays, the State Department's former Coordinator for Cuban Affairs, debate how the United States should engage with a post-Castro Cuba.

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What to Do on Immigration

The debate over immigration rages on as Congress tries to reconcile very different approaches to addressing the growing number of illegal immigrants in America. Tamar Jacoby of the Manhattan Institute and Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies discuss how the United States should handle the issue.

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The Mideast Mess

On, Steven Cook and Slate's Eric Umansky discuss Arab-Israeli Conflict, Egypt, and democratization in the Middle East.

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Should Dictators Be Put to Death?

Abraham D. Sofaer, a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, and Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, discuss the merits of capital punishment in trying dictators and other war criminals in this CFR Online Debate.

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Debate: U.N. Inspectors in Postwar Iraq

Authors: Gideon Rose and Michael Doran

Michael Doran, a Council on Foreign Relations adjunct senior fellow in Middle East Studies, and Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs, face off over what role— if any— United Nations weapons inspectors should play in postwar Iraq.

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