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The Payoff for Iran

Author: Ray Takeyh
Washington Post

The massive financial gains from a nuclear deal would enable Iran’s imperial ambitions in a fracturing Middle East, writes CFR’s Ray Takeyh. At the same time, the Islamic Republic would invest the money in consolidating the power of a repressive regime.

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Bibi’s Man in D.C., Still Spinning for the Boss

Author: Philip Gordon
Washington Post

Philip Gordon reviews Michael B. Oren’s book Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide. Gordon remembers Oren as a smart, professional, and friendly colleague, but argues the book is a caricature, full of distortions, that will contribute to the deterioration of the very relationship the author purposes to cherish.

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The Iran Endgame

Author: Philip Gordon

In an article for Politico, Philip Gordon discusses the difficult issues that remain to be resolved in the negotiations with Iran as the June 30 deadline approaches. He argues the United States and its partners must stand firm on key principles and spells out what they need – and do not need – for an agreement that serves U.S. national interests.

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Brad Glosserman and Scott Snyder: How to Defeat the 'Korea Fatigue'

Authors: Scott A. Snyder and Brad Glosserman
Asahi Shimbun

The Japan-South Korea relationship steadily improved in advance of parallel ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the normalization of their diplomatic relations on June 22. In recent weeks, ministerial-level bilateral contacts resumed between economic and defense ministers, and the top leaders made positive remarks about prospects for the relationship.

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The Palestinian Authority’s Nasty Little War

Author: Elliott Abrams

In an article for Newsweek, Elliott Abrams discusses how Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have continuously ignored democratic norms. The most recent victim of these undemocratic practices is former prime minister Salam Fayyad, famed for his honesty and fight against corruption in Palestinian politics, who faces trumped up charges of money laundering.

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Turkey Comes Undone

Author: Steven A. Cook
The American Interest

Expectations of democracy in Turkey following the recent general elections are premature, writes CFR’s Steven Cook. Instead, political paralysis and instability will mark the upcoming phase as parties scramble to build a coalition government.

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Misreading the Fed on a Rate Increase

Author: Benn Steil
Wall Street Journal

Benn Steil’s op-ed explains how the mechanics of implementing Federal Reserve monetary policy have changed radically since the crisis. Little known is that the new plumbing is not actually controlled by the FOMC, but by the much smaller Board of Governors. Given that the Board is decidedly more dovish than the FOMC, Fed watchers focused on the latter may be expecting a more aggressive timing and pace of rate rises than is likely.

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