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Shouting ‘9/11’ in a Crowded Internet

Author: Micah Zenko

The NSA revelations have already resulted in policy changes, but this will not be Edward Snowden's most meaningful impact. Rather, "The default appeal to 9/11 and vague warnings of terrorism that Bush and Obama administration officials relied upon to shape opinions and silence critics is no longer sufficient or acceptable," writes Micah Zenko.

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Two Cheers for America’s Restraint in the Drone War

Author: Micah Zenko

Compared to previous years, the Obama administration has wisely reduced the number of drone strikes that it conducts. Micah Zenko discusses why the United States' restraint in conducting strikes and rejection of demands for U.S. drone strikes on behalf of other countries are wise policy choices.

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Biological Attack

Author: Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett examines the recent reports of two polio cases in Syria, which has not reported a case since 1999, and explains why polio is coming back from the brink of eradication.

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Ideal Qualities of a Successful Diplomat

Author: Robert D. Blackwill
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University

Based on his experience in the Oval Office, the White House Situation Room, the State and Defense Departments and in foreign capitals over four decades, Ambassador Robert Blackwill shares fifteen characteristics that he believes are fundamental for successful diplomats.

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