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Various reports from CFR, posted at the discretion of CFR's president and director of studies.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

CFR Senior Fellow Thomas J. Bollyky contributes to this volume the chapter "Regulatory Coherence in the TPP Talks."

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More with Less

Author: Thomas J. Bollyky

CFR Senior Fellow Thomas J. Bollyky discusses the rise of noncommunicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries, the United Nations' efforts to address this rapidly emerging health problem, and paths for collective action.

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Three Hurdles for Emissions Trading Scheme

Author: Jill Kosch OíDonnell

South Korea is on track to set a double precedent: creating the first nationwide greenhouse gas emission trading scheme in a developing country and being the first in Asia. To be successful, however, the scheme will have to overcome political and private-sector hurdles.

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In the first installment of the Renewing America Progress Report and Scorecards, "Road to Nowhere: Federal Transportation Infrastructure Policy" provides a critical assessment of federal transportation policy, including background on major policy initiatives and analysis of what's needed to start moving forward.

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