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Author: Thomas Hilliard

There has never been greater urgency for expanding and improving U.S. workforce training programs. In this Working Paper, Thomas Hilliard argues that the federal government should corral the country's siloed and disjointed workforce-development programs in line with a common national strategy.

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South Korean Civil Society: Implications for the U.S.-ROK Alliance

Author: Andrew Yeo

South Korea has long enjoyed a robust civil society that encourages citizen participation in civic groups and social movements. Though it may not effect much change at the policy level, social activism related to the U.S.-ROK alliance provides valuable insight into domestic opinions. In this Working Paper, Andrew Yeo examines how these opinions shape the future partnership of the United States and South Korea.

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Nuclear Power in South Korea’s Green Growth Strategy

Author: Jill Kosch O’Donnell

Although public trust in nuclear safety has faltered in South Korea, it can recover. Nuclear power expansion is likely to continue under President Park Geun-hye, though it is uncertain whether Park will be as eager as her predecessor to embrace green growth as a justification for it.

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Renewing America

Renewing America

Resilient American Values

Authors: Andrew Kohut and Michael Dimock

Despite an extended period of economic difficulty, Pew pollsters Andrew Kohut and Michael Dimock show that Americans' core values and beliefs about economic opportunity remain largely optimistic and unchanged.

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