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Various reports from CFR, posted at the discretion of CFR's president and director of studies.

Using Oil Taxes to Improve Fiscal Reform

Authors: Daniel P. Ahn and Michael A. Levi

Taxes on oil consumption have long been a legislative third rail, yet concerns about the national debt may soon change that political calculus. Daniel Ahn and Michael Levi demonstrate that energy taxes can reduce the national debt and improve economic performance, all while reducing U.S. oil consumption.

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Global Korea

Authors: Scott Bruce, John Hemmings, Balbina Y. Hwang, Terence Roehrig, and Scott A. Snyder

South Korea has emerged as a major contributor to international security, participating in a wide range of activities far from the Korean peninsula. CFR scholars outline several steps that will ensure that South Korea can sustain this broadened role.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership

CFR Senior Fellow Thomas J. Bollyky contributes to this volume the chapter "Regulatory Coherence in the TPP Talks."

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More with Less

Author: Thomas J. Bollyky

CFR Senior Fellow Thomas J. Bollyky discusses the rise of noncommunicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries, the United Nations' efforts to address this rapidly emerging health problem, and paths for collective action.

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