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The Pakistani Taliban's Advance

The swiftness of the Pakistani Taliban's military successes this spring have alarmed U.S. officials and raised questions about Islamabad's security. Former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan Wendy Chamberlin urges a boost in training for Pakistani police forces.

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Rebalancing Defense Spending

A defense budget expert at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments says the Pentagon's recent spending request should be seen not as a sign of shifting military strategy, but rather a rebalancing of defense priorities.

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Making Aid Work

A senior USAID official and CFR's Isobel Coleman discuss aid priorities in Pakistan and how development programs can be made more effective.

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Misreading Iraq

Charles Duelfer, a former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, says the biggest failure in the run-up to the war was misreading Iraqis' intentions, a lesson to consider when dealing with other hard-to-gauge countries, like Iran.

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Smart Power in Pakistan

Suzanne Nossel, a human rights advocate, and Jonah Blank, chief South Asia adviser on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, discuss how Pakistan may be a crucial test for the Obama administration as it pursues a "smart power" approach to foreign policy.

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