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Timely Rx: HIV Drug Patent Pool

CFR's Peter Navario says a new patent pool giving generic drugmakers access to branded drugs to help lower costs of HIV-AIDS treatments in developing countries is timely and necessary, but more still needs to be accomplished.

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Deforestation in Peru's Amazon

Peru's rainforest may be the next region of major deforestation unless measures are taken to avoid it, says environmental advocate Bruce Cabarle. He notes that a new international agreement on climate change is essential to efforts by countries to combat deforestation.

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U.S.-India Innovation Cooperation

The Obama administration has identified cooperation on science, technology, and innovation as a major focus of its relationship with India. Analyst Manjeet Kripalani says implementation remains a challenge and recommends greater deregulation of scientific institutions in India.

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U.S. Needs Greater Engagement in Asia

As President Obama embarks on a trip to Asia, CFR Senior Fellow Evan Feigenbaum says the president must express U.S. commitment to free trade and drive the agenda for greater trade liberalization in the region.

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New U.S. Sudan Policy a 'Positive Development'

CFR's John Campbell says the new, more comprehensive policy for Sudan is "a positive development," and disagrees with those who say the approach offers engagement without requiring that the Sudanese government meet existing benchmarks.

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